Spawned from the bowels of CDs road house in Norwalk Connecticut the Blues Patrol evolved over two decades to become a faithful tribute to the BluesBrothers.
In the mid 1980s shortly after we lost the beloved comedian/actor/entertainer John Belushi, the Blues Brothers movie was already on its way to becoming the cult classic it is today. As a motorhead into hot mopars, Pat 440 Dougherty who plays the Elwood character in the Blues Patrol was caught up in the cult momentum of the Blues Brothers on two fronts. #1 the same as most everyone else with the movies energy, comedy and treasure of American music icons woven throughout the film. #2 the spark that got Pat a.k.a. that Elwood going was the Blues Mobile is a Mopar with a 440 cubic inch plant. Looking for a different and interesting Mopar to drive around, Pat aquired a 1974 Dodge Monaco Sedan and proceeded to create an accurate representation of the Blues Mobile complete with stolen Civil Defense speaker on roof.


In 1986 as the car was completed, there was no Blues Patrol band, just the name was registered. Pat and his cousin Jake #1 Jim "gearjammer" Crooks would appear at parties, car shows and clubs as eye-candy for the events, with the Brief Case Full of Blues album playing through the cars enormous speaker. Jim however looked more like Jim Rockford from the Rockford Files rather than Jake Blues. Jake #2, now that's a whole different tune with a bum note or two thrown in for good measure. He's been described by many to be a hauntingly accurate image of John Belushi as "Jake Blues" Others describe him as majorly opinionated and an unjustly so disparaging licentious curmudgeon which is befitting of the character of Jake Blues. On another note as a person he is wonderful with children being the favorite uncle they all love to see. Jake is also very intelligent, maybe too much so for his own good and the good of all around him.


Pat/Elwood used to cruise the lower Fairfield County and Westchester music scene during the 1980's. The favorite hang out was CD's Roadhouse owned by keyboard player Chris Donahue. The place was and old house with a swayback roof and a rectangular bar fitted with piano keys all the way around. Monday nights they would have R&B jam sessions with CD, Big Eric, Lester Chambers, Jimmy Johnson, Billy Foster and Billy Frenzy from the Showman and the amazing harmonica player Steve Morrell, Pat 440's harmonica teacher, Steve, has played with Paul Butterfield and Muddy Waters. One night in the late 80's Matt guitar Murphy with the Shaboo Allstars were playing at CD's. The Blues Mobile was there for promoting the event. Pat was introduced to a group of people at a table and immediately noticed one who obviously lacked all social graces ,voraciously consuming a large bowl of chili with cheese draped over the top of it. Pat handed him a pair Ray Ban Waferers and asked him to try them on. The resemblance to Jake Blues was disgustingly perfect. The cherry on top of the sundae he was named Jake.
His last name he prefers not to divulge to any media sources. He was already a singer/guitarist in a band. Their meeting that night ended with a hell ride in Jakes Jeep in a rock quarry on Rt.7. The stage was now set.


Initially Jake and Pat would do car shows and costume parties as Jake and Elwood with the car. They then started doing a few hit and run songs with Billy and the Showman. During the 80's there were a few Blues Brothers tribute acts, but since John Belushi had passed away only a few years earlier Pat felt it was not a appropriate time for them to do a tribute act. When Dan Aykroyd started to reprise his role as Elwood Blues the Blues Patrol's Blues Mobile was there. In NYC at the Hard Rock Café the car was displayed while Elwood performed "live" from the Hard Rock in Los Angeles on their big screen. Jake and Pat were there dressed in Costume and were introduced to Dan's father. They took Mr. Aykroyd out to show him their Blues Mobile which he loved and he was amazed at Jake's resemblance to John Belushi. Mr. Aykroyd is a Mopar man as well.
In 1991 Pat showed the car for Elwood Blues at the Palladium in NYC when Dan played with Bo Diddley.

At Shenanigans night club in Norwalk CT Pat and Jake ran into Theatrical Agent, Eric MacDuff who was also a musician/guitarist. The band playing that night was Blue in the Face. The lead singer of that band Howard Eldridge went on to front the real Blues Brothers Band with Eddie Floyd. They say that Howard achieved his soothing vocal tonality with the help of RJ Reynolds and Jack Daniels. It was at this meeting that Eric said we really need to put this thing together with you two boys and that car !

After Jake got out of the Joint for a minor traffic indiscretion he decided to get into action and put the band together. With the help of a famous vocal coach, Ms. Georgia Louis, who has sung with many greats and was the first black woman to have a nationally syndicated TV show, Jake got his voice together. This lady was instrumental in trying to help Jake hone his singing skills. The original lineup consisted of Pat "440" Dougherty, vocal and harp, Jake vocals and guitar Johnny Thunder on bass and Marc "Styx" Deccheccis on Drums, Secret Agent on lead Guitar, Pierre "The Flare" Guertin on Sax, and Eddie Rhodes on Keys. It has since evolved to:

Pat Dougherty as Elwood, vocals and harp

Jake as himself, vocals

Secret Agent MacDuff, Lead Guitar

Chris Cross, Guitar

Donald Duck Wistrand, BASS

Marc "Stxy Deccheccis DRUMS

Pierre "the Flare Guertin SAX

Special Ed Train Keys/Accordian/Sax/Scuba

Diver/Webmaster/ Cap't

Steph Chin, Trumpet

Phil Lareaux, Former Durges player New Orleans, Trombone

Frank Senagulia, Trumpet/Security

D. Dixon, Delta Blues Vocals

Nate Mills, guitar vocals


The Blues Patrol often has special guest vocalist's and instumentalist's both national acts and local talent join them on stage during performance's.This is much in keeping with the tradition the real Blues Brothers created by being a "vehicle" to deliver and or redeliver, wonderful talented artists to the people. The Band has been performing professionally since 1999 go to or Yahoo keyword "blues patrol" or for more information.

Call 203.249.3742 for the 24 Hour Hotline.