Georgetown Saloon, Sept '03

A "Goodfella's" Catastrophy averted by a Show Band

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The Blues Patrol Show Band featuring a special surprise visit from the KT Murphy Horn Section. By the way: this is how you fit a 10 piece on the stage at the Saloon! But all is not as it seems...

It started innocently enough when Pierre the Flair "found" a trumpet stashed in the band's gear bag. Turns out that Jake stashed it there after lifting it from the trunk of a certain black Caddy Seville in the parking lot. "Oh yeah?"

As the story goes, it turns out that these two hit men were on the way home from wacking famous trumpet player "Mr. S" when Jake picked their trunk lock and pried the instrument out of the former trumpeter's firm grip.

The Thick Plottens when loose-lipped Jake unwittingly starts discussing the story with undercover Vice Cops posing as fans. PS: that is not a tuba under his shirt.

Axe Man Joe, explains that in order to prove to the cops that Mr. S is alive and well (despite his resting comfortably in the trunk of the Seville out front) that the only thing to do is for "Louie the Knuckles" to sit in with the band as "Mr. S" and blow a few tunes. The band blows enough on their own, so who will know?

All parties agreed. Louie the Knuckles tunes up in the name of the law.

Secret Agent Man sounds convincing. The band goes along with it...

But, just in case, Axe Man Joe, plays his axe stage right to keep everyone in line.

Special Ed fears the worst. Note the cross.


It comes to blows.

Solos all around convince the cops that "Mr. S" is alive and well... Phew.

Secret Agent explains to Pierre why this amp feels "a little heavy" today. Nothing's left in the trunk of the Seville out front either. Nice.

All in a day's work.



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