The Good Old Blues Village

Brothers People Boys...

Yes, again. Now it's a habit (get it?).

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And don't come back until you have redeemed yourselves!

Not an Nun, but Down from Boston Harbor for the Oysters:

The Norwalk Mermaid...

Looks like she already had the Scallops.


Welcome to the 30th Annual Norwalk Oysterfest!

What? No Chickenwire?

Elwood Powers, Dr. Evil and Mini-Dixon

The Most Dangerous Horns


Close Encounters of a Blues Kind (Special ET on the far left)

We hired a string section and this is what the Union sent us.

From Key Largo, Raising Cain. And New Orleans, Cross my heart.

Soul Men who made a deal with You Know Who.

Class Act working it.

Do you see the light? DO YOU SEE THE LIGHT?

Pat Blows A Soul-o

One Timex Digital Watch. Broken.

This ought to wake someone up!

Delta Dixon hijacks the show.

Special Ed hijacks the Norwalk Mermaid

Sometimes It's Hard to be a Woman (except for Elwood)


For the complete set of photos from the 30th Annual Oysterfest


No, not here, a little higher... left... higher... yeah, right there.

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