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I am sorry I have but one Horn Section to give...

Nathan Hale Spies-es Up the

Blues Patrol Show Band

Chef Jeff lets us play the Blues at his Soul Food Joint in SoNo

And it made the paper.

This looks fishy to me...

30th Annual Oysterfest!

This is Habit* forming

(* Nun not included)

Serious News Feature

No they didn't get caught for that Bank Job. It's just a fluff peace.


Hey Jake, are you sure this is the place?

Photo Ops

Said our photographer:

"Some day my prints will come!"

Photo Oops!

Individual Bluesers

Crab-people. Film at Eleven. (B-Movie)

Some Hollerin' Leads to No good!

Who is wearing the costume?

The Village People Closed for us!

The boys made the police blotter again...

Four Fried Chickens... and a Coke!
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This Fresco was photographed in Rome
The Band is Sent to Siberia
Norwalk Oyster Fest. It smells like us!
Captain Crunch.
Wolfie. No, wait, Mike... no... wait... NO!
Four Fried Chickens and a Coke
Our Home on the sand Bar.
Double Take!
Imposter Sax player...
YOUR'RE the Good Ol' Boys ?!?!?
Come see us play!
Our Biggest Fan (non-electric)
Foiled again! Thank God!
The 60's
Damn, Rollers!
I aint saying nothin about this.
Check out all of the knockoffs of our band!
Jim... no... Tea Party anyone?
Horny Guys.
Just Say No.
Blues Birds
Bad taste: ours.
I'm a King Bee




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>>> NEW <<< Linguini!(GO)

>>> NEW <<< Siberia Bar (GO)

Halloween fun! (GO)

King Bee! (GO)

The High Seas (GO)

See the Teaparty Two! (GO)

Meet our Duck Friends. (GO)

A Goodfella's Catastrophe Averted by a Show Band. (GO)

Check out the Blues Patrol soiling the Norwalk Oysterfest! (GO)

Jake's Tea Party with Jeff Martin at the Black Duck -- Don't miss it! (GO)

Latest Cool Photos from the Black Duck Cafe, featuring Gil Parris & Friends (GO)

Old Pictures from Gizmo's (which we drove out of business) (GO)

More trouble at Side Pockets in Milford (GO)

Tour date: China! Who are those bunnies? (GO)

Quacking in Westport... (GO)

Check out these Knockoffs of us! : (GO)

Our new home: the Black Duck in Westport. (GO)

Side Pockets - way cool. (GO)

Close Encounters of the Law Kind at the Bank in Stamford. (GO)

Could Pete's Saloon have gone any better? We think so, even though we made bail! (GO)

Mug Shots: We all know white toast, fried chicken and a coke are key. (GO)

Booze, fast cars and dancing in suits is a close second! (GO)

Let's not forget the Music and the screaming fans. (GO)

Let's see Mug SHots of the Band! (GO)

Foes: not Nazi's. Just the Good Ol' Boys (GO)

Yes, Sex. The blues Birds (GO)



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