Black Duck 11

"Jake's Tea Party"

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In our ongoing effort to ban Jake's use of the Electric Guitar...

we were forced to resort to the pool of non-BluesPatrol "musicians"...


Guest Musician Jeff Martin of Tea Party

In one of the saddest, most dramatic riches-to-rags tales we have ever heard, Jeff Martin, Lead Vocalist and Guitar player of the mega-Canadian, mega-Band "Tea Party" ( has fallen to the depths of musical Purgatory by accepting the temp job as rhythm guitarist for the BluesPatrol.

Just two weeks after performing with the Rolling Stones at what Mick Jagger called the "largest crowd I have ever played to" -- over 500,000 screaming fans -- Jeff has sunk to this hideous low. Here he attempts to back up Lois Duke, one of our "real" guest artists.

We apologize to his fans, but after just two songs we were unable to justify keeping him due mostly to the political stir resulting from Jake's highly competitive, Alpha Male, A-type personality.

Here, Special Ed Train braces himself for the infighting. From what we saw, Jeff has a decent temperament but has a bad habit of carousing with the neighborhood dogs.

Jeff has been taken to the Westport Humane Society where, if not adopted soon, he will most likely now be destroyed. Save this fine animal. Call now.

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