Crabshell Farewell '06

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The Refined Bretheren, pinkies out-turned play this "Fancy Joint"

Unsuspecting, decent folk enjoy the weather and music

Even the Most Dangerous Horns in the World are spiffy.

A good time is had by all, except Jake.


...but you can't please everyone: not even kin.


But he plays good... everythign is looking up...

until.... D. Dixon takes the stage.


One banchee scream too many starts a terrible process... the sun goes out! *


* for a sunday

The room starts spinning!

The boys suddenly molt into King Bees



Special Ed Fights with Reality. OK. This is getting too silly.


Roll your mouse over the Blues Sign to reveal the hidden meaning...

... we always told D. Dixon to lighten up.

On another, less silly channel, hot chicks in white pants

dare to sit in the filth pit that is the BluesMobile.



While Elwood blows Special Ed away with a harp solo through the stolen stadium speaker.


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